Employer Branding strengthens the foundation of your organization


Everything will improve.

The shortage of younger workers, the increased demand for specialized workers, the better availability of employer information and, consequently, a greater willingness of employees to change their employer, the social change in terms of the feeling of entitlement in the workplace setting: these are the challenges of our time. Employer branding sharpens and improves the employer image. At the same time, the quality of employers and candidates and employees will increase, which in turn leads to greater motivation, better results and greater competitiveness.

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About the goal.

Level of Impact

  • Promotion of awareness in the labor markets
  • Clarity about the employer and its unique selling points
  • Perception as an attractive employer
  • Targeted approach of suitable talents
  • Consistent appearance as an employer internally and externally
  • Employee retention and motivation
  • Clear value proposition to employees and candidates
  • Anchoring corporate values, vision and mission


  • Winning new employees that fit to your workplace culture

  • Increase employee motivation

  • Reducing fluctuation and absences

  • Employees become brand ambassadors

  • Reducing recruiting costs

  • Increasing rentability

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Credible, Differentiating, Future-Oriented


The ideal cut.


The employer value proposition defines the range of services offered by the employer and their expectations of the commitment of the employees. It is made up of lived values, the existing image and the future orientation of the organization. It must convey a clear image to internal and external stakeholders: credible, differentiating, forward-looking.


The Employer Brand in the Brand House.


The brand in the brand.

The employer brand is an integral part of the corporate brand and essentially builds on its identity and values. But a strong corporate brand does not automatically make a strong employer brand. For companies without a perceptible employer brand, employer attractiveness is usually associated with the corresponding products or services. This perception can be positive or negative, but is not the same as employer quality.


Be there live.

Experience exciting and new stuff around the topic of employer branding.

May 16th, 2018, Kaufleuten, Zurich

Great Place to Work® Award Ceremony 2018.

The best employers in 2018 were awarded on May 16, 2018. Follow the link below to see this years winners:

Best employers 2018 Switzerland

June 21st, 2018, Weberstrasse 7, 8004 Zurich

Results presentation: Study on Employer Branding and Workplace Culture.

Trends, Digitalization and Challenges: Our goal was to answer these questions with our study. Almost 150 organizations answered these questions for us. On June 21, 2018, the results were presented. Please follow the link below to download the study.

«Study of Workplace Culture and Employer Branding 2018»

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